Lifts are used by people every day and on average a person uses a lift in their office building or their residential building at least 6 times a day. this makes the user a great place to advertise the products and services. companies regardless of their size and budget can simply utilize the elevators for captivate lift advertising. Also one can find variations in lift ads like digital ad screens, posters, and wraps for effective advertising.

Benefits of elevator ads

Some of the major benefits of elevator ads are listed below:

  • One can be creative with their ads and can make them more and more eye captivating.
  • Lift ads have the capability for micro-targeting the customers, as lift ads can be customized according to the type of people using the lift daily.
  • One of the major benefits of the lift ads is that one can have a steady exposure, unlike the newspapers and tv ads.
  • Lift ads are meant to be cost-effective as well so that the overall marketing cost can be reduced.
  • When it comes to digital ads for the lifts, they are highly editable which keeps the ads new and fresh.

Features of a good lift ad

When one thinks of designing a life ad for their product, the main objective remains straight: gather as much attention as possible. an ad should have a story and a theme that will captivate the onlookers immediately. When it comes to lifting ads, the ad designers need to keep in mind the audience, the place of the levator, likes and the central product in mind to make it relevant.

Good lift ads must have:

  • Simplicity: a good ad is all about simplicity so that it is not o confusing for the people to understand. Having a complex theme will make it difficult for people to feel connected to the product.
  • Integration: when lift ads are designed, the place, the onlookers and the purpose should be kept in mind. for example; if the ad is to be placed in an office building lift, the ad should have a similar theme.
  • Communication: a crisp lift advertising should be created keeping in mind the time frame for which the onlookers will see it for. therefore the ad should be able to communicate the idea to the audience in a small-time.

Why do elevator ads work?

Whether an elevator ad is wrapped on the door for the people passing by the lift to capture their eyes or there are elevator advertising screens installed inside the lift for the elevator users to watch, the main ideas remain the same. the idea is to make people aware of a product within a minute or twos time.

Elevator ads are designed in a way to make the prospective customer aware of the product that is offered by the company. just because the lifts are used by individuals several times a day at times, it is quite easy to place the product in their mind. also when the ads are inside the lift, it becomes quite easy to make an individual watch the ad as they do not have anything else to pay attention to.


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